A Young Person’s Guide to Colonising Mars

mars-smallMy last assignment at university was a research project. I chose to research the possibility of colonising Mars, which lead to me writing a small pamphlet for how children and teenagers should go about adjusting to their new environment. A couple people I’ve spoken to about it have wanted to give it a look, it’s not much but I thought I’d throw it on here anyway for a bit of fun 🙂

The guide is written by the fictional first woman on Mars, Ria Saunders, who tells some of her own story through the footnotes (so remember to read them!).

I also set up a Tumblr blog run by Ria where readers could ask her questions and see updates about her life and her writing. Mostly it started out as a bit of fun but I’m hoping to expand the universe and write Ria’s memoirs.  Just click the link below to view the PDF of the guide. Happy reading!

A Young Person’s Guide to Colonising Mars


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