‘The Geek Feminist Revolution’ – Review

The Geek Feminist Revolution is a collection of essays, written by SF author Kameron Hurley, on everything geek, feminist, and writerly. Hurley has been a prolific feminist voice in the SF community, and has often been applauded for the representation in her books.

38441580_2149415255269993_2096340577598570496_nI recently read her novel The STars are Legion which didn’t have a single man in it, it was like the polar opposite of LotR, and though it was a little gorey for me I enjoyed Hurley’s style enough to give her essays a try.

It’s not often that I read nonfiction, and it’s not often that I enjoy it, but I certainly enjoyed this. Hurley’s voice is a rousing call to arms for all geeky girls who feel that the community might have overlooked them, taken them for granted, or objectified them. And, to be honest, that’s pretty much ALL geeky girls.

Now I didn’t get into SF seriously until about 2015/16 so I feel like I missed a lotta good stuff, but Hurley cleared a lot of it up for me, mostly Gamergate and the whole Sad Puppies nonsense, and why exactly Jonathan Ross didn’t end up presenting the Hugo Awards. Hurley explained it all concisely, clearly, and told me exactly why she was angry, so this book is perfect for SF veterans and SF newbies alike.

As well as explaining her anger (and believe me she is angry in the best possible way) Hurley gives a lot of damn good advice about writing. She won’t give you any easy life hacks, she won’t tell you you’re gonna make it big, she is honest, she is knowledgeable, and she should be listened to. As a (very amateur) writer Hurley’s words really gave me hope and drive, I feel ready to take on the long, long, looooooooong road ahead of me with a little more vigour whereas before I was very close to giving up.

Hurley is a treasure, and should be treated as such. Anyone with an interest in SF should definitely read this book. And if you still aren’t convinced I’ll leave you with the quote that made me scream with the force of a thousand incensed female warriors:

“Let’s be real: if women were ‘naturally’ anything, societies wouldn’t spend so much time trying to police every aspect of their lives.”


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