The OA

8f0d10ac-c1c5-11e6-88a7-6a72017c5d0fThe OA is one of the ‘it’ shows on Netflix that I brushed off as a boring, run of the mill thriller and didn’t glance at until I was told it was good and I had to watch it. Now I get told this a lot: “You’ll love this” “You should read this” “It’s totally your thing!” usually they’re wrong. They were not wrong about The OA.

Okay, so, the story starts when a young woman who has been missing for seven years turns up with strange scars on her back and her sight restored after having been blind when she went missing. Like I said, it sounds like a run of the mill thriller type crime show that my mom watches with a bag of popcorn and wide eyes.

There is nothing boring about this show! Any theories you have scrap them all because it’s you’re wrong. You have no idea what’s happening, you have no idea why it’s happening, you’re strapped in for the ride with nowhere to go, there is no escape and you don’t want to escape!

The story is framed by the missing girl, OA, formerly Prairie, telling her story to an audience of five, and it places the actual audience right in the centre of the show. We are watching OA tell her story with them. It’s a beautifully told tale, and a beautiful show. I finished the last series feeling lighter, and happier, which is rare considering the depressing content I usually go for.

The one thing about this show is you can’t really recommend it to people without spoiling some aspect of it you’ll never be able to explain quite right. It’s blurs the boundaries of genre, not fitting quite into SF or fantasy or thriller, and I really cannot praise how it does it enough. Even though it’s outlandish and wild with its ideas, you end up believing every word. I watched this show over three days, and it would have been one had I not had uni and those damned adult responsibilities. But seriously, the OA is a gift, if you need some escapism (and I think almost everyone does around about now) it will whisk you away on an amazing adventure.

I wish I could say more than just “watch it” but honestly, you should watch it.


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