Breaking the Glass Slipper Podcast

For those of you who haven’t heard of the podcast Breaking the Glass Slipper you are honestly missing out. Excuse me if this review pretty much ends up sounding like an advert but it’s only a testament to how much I adore this podcast.

img_1037-1The podcast is hosted by Megan Leigh, Charlotte Bond, and Lucy Hounsom and has new episodes every other Thursday, and discusses women in genre fiction, specifically in science fiction, fantasy, and horror (my top three!) as well as interviewing authors. The podcasts are always extremely fun and sensitive in their topics, and has brought to light so many aspects of women in SFFH that I hadn’t previously considered. It’s changed the way I read and, possibly more importantly, the way I write.

One of my favourite episodes of the podcast looks at the movie Labyrinth and the cultural weight this classic film carries, as well as the use of femininity, sexuality, and the human treasure that is David Bowie. Though it opened up some terrifying themes that quite effectively destroyed a beloved film of my childhood, I was quite happy to have my childhood ruined. Another of my favourite episodes was the episode on portal fantasy, which interviews author Foz Meadows, and branched way out from fantasy and feminism and actually has a massively interesting discussion about language and culture in fantasy stories that cross between worlds (but not fear, it does return to the passionate feminism the podcast was made for).

Every episode is an absolute delight, they cover so many brilliant topics, including a great two-parter looking at the virgins and villainess tropes of fantasy fiction. I can’t even explain how great these podcasts are, they explore so many themes that for some scary reason never even occurred to me. I don’t want to in any way imply that this podcast is solely about female representation, it covers a wide spectrum of diversity in literature with admittedly a stronger focus on feminism but it is massively inclusive.

This is a real eye-opener of a podcast and every lover of genre fiction should subscribe to this right away.


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